A Body-Centered Meditation Retreat with Martin Bruders and Gary Joplin

This 4-day retreat, taking place online from 02nd to 05th of March, is an invitation to experience a more intimate connection to yourself, your body, and your own relationship to the divine, supported by a group of like-minded global practitioners. Through a guided journey of successively deepening contemplative exploration, we will create a possibility for the beauty of the current moment to unfold in all its richness.

Food for the Soul

This will be a time for a soft, yet deep-reaching physical/somatic practice while listening to the stillness of our inner space.  Each of us on our own journey and yet intimately connected.

This retreat is designed to open up new perspectives in your own relationship to your current meditation practice, with a special focus on the interface between body and mind.  During the four days, we will alternate between deep somatic practices to both open subtle awareness and ground the physical body, and periods of sitting in silent meditation to open into a clearer sense of spaciousness.  This guidance along with the energetic support of a field of fellow meditators from around the world, offers an invitation for the next level of your meditation practice to unfold from where you are into a deeper melding of body, mind, and spirit.


Body Mind Awakening

Each day will begin with a soft yet energizing seated movement session to awaken and heighten subtle perception in the physical body, while also activating the intelligence in our skin and our senses.

Sitting Guided and Stillness Meditation: Anchor yourself deeper in your breathing, relax into the simplicity of sitting. Just be with what is. Present, spacious, here!


Walking Meditation

Practical information and guidance will also allow for a new relationship to walking meditation, opening the possibility for the body to reveal hidden layers of emotional and energetic information, effectively unwinding and bringing into movement parts of us which have been frozen in time. 


Somatic Practices

Utilizing our group field to experience a deeper synchronicity and coherence between our bodies.  Through guided improvisational movement sequences, we will foster a deepening inner connection and inner synchronization enhanced and supported through this group attunement.  


Looking forward to meeting you and deepening our practicing together

Martin and Gary